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Need Help on Input of Environmental Impact of Rare Earth Mining [Jun. 21st, 2011|01:14 pm]
Environment, Economy, & Equality in Development



Hey guys, 

I am currently running a research on Rare Earth mining and LYNAS.  I'm not sure whether you are familiar with LYNAS or heard of it.

LYNAS is an Australian company that mines and processes rare earth materials to be exported as materials in green energy equipment like florescent lightbulbs and catalyst for hybrid cars. The company has recently  entered Kuantan, my hometown to start a radioactive refinery ore processing center in Gebeng, one of the industrial areas in Kuantan. However, it received a backlash from the residence due to the fear of potential radioactive leaking that will not only endanger human lives but destroy the lives of fisherman here. To know more about this you can watch the following videos: 

An Australia news report
As you can see there are conflicting thoughts of both LYNAS and public in the videos. To make sure my research is unbias, I dug further to the causes that led to LYNAS to step up their rare earth production. I found out that China's quota on its rare earth exports was the cause of this mayhem. Since the whole world is dependent on China as the sole supplier of this material, LYNAS has make its first move to fill in the role with building a processing plant in Kuantan. 
Even though I have some vague ideas on China's history with rare earth processing, I have yet to encounter any articles and videos stating the environmental impacts of rare earth mining in China.

If there is anyone out there who has knowledge or experience the effects, especially Chinese and Australian, I would appreciate it if you could share them with me by leaving your thoughts and email at the comment slot. 
Thanks a lot!