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[Jan. 30th, 2010|08:59 pm]
Environment, Economy, & Equality in Development


hey there!  having just had my head chewed off by a gold miner over in geology, I've decided to ask here instead:

if I decide to go for an undergraduate geology major, how likely is it I could get a job in some way related to sustainable development?  I've been in social sciences since I started school and I'm realizing I want a more hands on approach to things.  is there anybody who'd like to talk about the relevence of geology to the green movement?  I'm wondering if perhaps hydrology is the way to go.  wiki informs me ecohydrology is a field but I have no idea if a general undergrad degree in geology would help me get there.  I've had an interest in permaculture for years, severely lusted over the plant and soil science program and UMass, but can't afford to go to school outside my home state so my options are limited.


[User Picture]From: eta_carinae_311
2010-01-31 10:41 am (UTC)
hmmmm. I got my BA in geology, with an emphasis on environmental geology. I had contemplated switching to environmental studies mid-way through my degree, but my adviser talked me out of it by saying that a hard science degree is more useful and I should try to tailor my coursework within the geology program to fit my interests as much as possible.

I'd look into various programs near you and talk to the administrators and professors to see if they have any information. You may even be able to set up an individual program within the field to tailor to your interests, depending on the school :) And definitely look into what the professors' research areas are - if you can find one with similar interests to you they would probably have lots of great ideas for you!
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[User Picture]From: wanderer_avaxxx
2010-02-08 08:05 pm (UTC)
Sayano-Shushenskaya Hydroelectric Power Station Catastrophic threat of ecology of Arctic regions and Northern America from Russia and

Sayano-Shushenskaya HPS http://wanderer-avaxxx.livejournal.com/2495.html
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