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Environment, Economy, & Equality in Development [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Environment, Economy, & Equality in Development

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Need Help on Input of Environmental Impact of Rare Earth Mining [Jun. 21st, 2011|01:14 pm]
Environment, Economy, & Equality in Development


Hey guys, 

I am currently running a research on Rare Earth mining and LYNAS.  I'm not sure whether you are familiar with LYNAS or heard of it.

LYNAS is an Australian company that mines and processes rare earth materials to be exported as materials in green energy equipment like florescent lightbulbs and catalyst for hybrid cars. The company has recently  entered Kuantan, my hometown to start a radioactive refinery ore processing center in Gebeng, one of the industrial areas in Kuantan. However, it received a backlash from the residence due to the fear of potential radioactive leaking that will not only endanger human lives but destroy the lives of fisherman here. To know more about this you can watch the following videos: 

An Australia news report
As you can see there are conflicting thoughts of both LYNAS and public in the videos. To make sure my research is unbias, I dug further to the causes that led to LYNAS to step up their rare earth production. I found out that China's quota on its rare earth exports was the cause of this mayhem. Since the whole world is dependent on China as the sole supplier of this material, LYNAS has make its first move to fill in the role with building a processing plant in Kuantan. 
Even though I have some vague ideas on China's history with rare earth processing, I have yet to encounter any articles and videos stating the environmental impacts of rare earth mining in China.

If there is anyone out there who has knowledge or experience the effects, especially Chinese and Australian, I would appreciate it if you could share them with me by leaving your thoughts and email at the comment slot. 
Thanks a lot!
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me again.. [May. 4th, 2011|05:49 pm]
Environment, Economy, & Equality in Development

Wow, it's been like 2 years or so, and here I am again, with another survey =))

so, dear community members!!

please help me out with this one! it's about sustainability and eco-tourism in Spain.
I am working on a new eco-tourism project in Spain (for myself, no big or small corporations) and you can really help me out!

this survey takes 3 minutes only (or even less).


thank you in advance!

PS: just something nice to see:  wearable plants
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(no subject) [Jan. 30th, 2010|08:59 pm]
Environment, Economy, & Equality in Development

hey there!  having just had my head chewed off by a gold miner over in geology, I've decided to ask here instead:

if I decide to go for an undergraduate geology major, how likely is it I could get a job in some way related to sustainable development?  I've been in social sciences since I started school and I'm realizing I want a more hands on approach to things.  is there anybody who'd like to talk about the relevence of geology to the green movement?  I'm wondering if perhaps hydrology is the way to go.  wiki informs me ecohydrology is a field but I have no idea if a general undergrad degree in geology would help me get there.  I've had an interest in permaculture for years, severely lusted over the plant and soil science program and UMass, but can't afford to go to school outside my home state so my options are limited.

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The Dream. [Jan. 13th, 2010|02:27 pm]
Environment, Economy, & Equality in Development

For those of you who dont know me, my name is Hofit.
I have been writing and sharing my life expierences online on livejournal.com since the age of 16, I'm currently 24 and have taken a mission upon myself that will change my life and most importantly others lives.
Last New Years Eve, my only New Year's resolution was to do a single good thing for humainty a week. I decided that as people, we tend to take advantage of alot without at times noticing or appriecating the value of life and what we have, or the value of other peoples lives. I currently think that our society is very selfish, materialistic and disconnected. I feel as though people have forgotten the meaning of unconditional love, true happiness, nature, true beauty and so much more.
I'm here to remind the world.
All it takes is one.
Last year I learned so much about myself by giving the gift of giving.
Something so simple as donating a $1 to children's cancer, feedig ducks in an abandoned park, picking up trash at the beach, helping an old person cross the street, volunteering at a homeless shelter, causing awareness, or taking the time to help a complete stranger can change your life sooo much!
Doing 1 single good thing a week motivated me to better myself. I wanted to start off with baby steps and do it once a week, but in the last few months I've been trying to donate to the earth daily and it feels amazing.
Slowly u begin to notice little things, like how unnecessary throwing a piece of wrapper on the floor, how important beauty skin deep is, because looks are only physical, how much of the world there is to help out and how many people are in need, how fortunate you are, how beautiful nature is, how hollywood and celebs are pointless and reading magazines like US Weekly & In Touch are pure negative energy and eat your soul alive (although once I appear in a few of them). Just little things and big things.
Since I started my great quest, I've stopped completely buying all those tabloid magazines, I dont go on those celeb webites to read the gossip, I have no clue who's famous anymore or not lol, I stopped watching tv, I have a few shows that I watch and thats it. No more MTV, no more VH1 garbage, I even stopped listening to the radio like TOP40 stuff, because not all but most are shallow songs about pointless things like going to a club which is meaningless in my eyes, I only really listen to Hebrew music now, I dont go out to clubs at ALL! Last time I went to a club in Hollywood was in May for a friend's birthday, 2 times in Israel, and just this time when I went to NY and after 20mins I was asking myself why I went out in the first place. I'm sort of a lounger now, I like lounges, where you can talk about meaningful things and have a nice glass of wine. I don't really wear a lot of makeup unless I'm working. I've stopped shopping and I find myself dressing more conservatively.
Now I'm really into traveling and planning trips outside the country. Researching a lot of non-profit organizations and looking into opening one. I've been looking to spend some time in foreign countries to help the world. I've been learning about my religion more. I've been spending alot of time with myself doing things I would never do alone, like go to the movies or a resturant alone, but I love it now, and I find something beautiful about it. I've eliminated a lot of negative people from my life. I'm extremely spirtual and grateful for all that I have. Even the simplest change, going by my real name, HOFIT, has become liberating.
All from a single act of giving. It's very empowering.
and so I've decided that that's my life long gift from G*d to the world.
That's it.
I would like to do something like, be a big international superstar singer, but I can still be a BIG INTERNATIONAL STAR and help make the world a better place! Kinda like the next Oprah!!!
I want to be a big world peace leader! I want to win the Nobel Peace Prize! You will all see! ;)
You see if you knew me about 2 years ago, I'd be the last person you'd expect this from. I've always had this in me but it's been hiding because I allowed the city of "Hollywood" to take over my true nature at heart.
2 years ago, I went by the name of Kim, I was clubing every night, I would spend hundreds of dollars on brand name clothes and accessories daily and only wear them once. On my free time I would watch shows on MTV, VH1, I would go to a newsstand and buy 3 tabloid magazines weekly, I would go on bloggers celeb websites for hours a day, I felt the need to say how "hot" I was from morning til night, I had many friends, not all but most were insecure, negative, lost people, with no morals and self love, yet I always found the need to help them so I had them in my life on the hopes of changing them for the better. All I wanted to do was be a famous celeb, I would show off, cause drama, start fist fights, I had a mercedes benz convertible, lived in a amazing apartment on the beach in Malibu, I had everything I wanted.
I was pretty extreme.
None of this of course came from insecurity, although it may seem. I never did drugs, never tried a cigarette, I dont have a single tattoo on my body, and I dont believe in plastic surgery. I just had different priorities.
I think it's important to understand where I came from, where I am now, where I'm planning on being next year and the rest of my life.

This year, I'm dedicating an entire year to the world.
I'm dedicating 365 of my life with acts of goodness for humanity. All of humanity!
Some days it will be small deeds other days big!
Everyday I will blog about my expierence of that day in the hopes of inspiring YOU to do better and be on the pursuit of changing peoples lives!
This world is lacking so much love, unity, art, creation and faith.
My dream is to change the world for the better. I know all it takes is passion, drive, a warm heart, ONE HUGE Dream, and I will never stop!
Because in my heart I believe that we are all good. I believe that even the murderer, rapist, drug dealer, kipnapper, has somewhere in there a piece of goodness, it just got lost. WE ARE ALL ONE. ONE LOVE.

Here we go!!! 365 days of selfless acts for humainty!!!!

"The opposite of war is not peace, its creation" -Mark Cohen

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Global Ecovillage Opportunity - Live For Free! [Jan. 12th, 2010|06:18 pm]
Environment, Economy, & Equality in Development

[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]

I'm a happy, sustainable NEW little eco friend.
offering you the opportunity
to live in an ecovillage
in beautiful surroundings...

I'm looking for a suitable developer
who must care about the planet
and people.
No concrete needed.

I am low-cost,
weather-proof and water-tight.
I will greatly enhance life.

I am here to inspire (hopefully)
please tell your friends about me
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Sunland is good, realy good and indeed good! [Sep. 10th, 2009|05:00 pm]
Environment, Economy, & Equality in Development

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Some words about Sunland economics. [Aug. 2nd, 2009|01:04 pm]
Environment, Economy, & Equality in Development

SunlandSunland as one of the most ambitious projects of our time has many dimensions - spiritual, ethical, aesthetical and of course economic. It is about the Sunland economy we intend to say now at least briefly, although it should be clearly understood, that none of these aspects of Sunland community life can be separated from the others, all them fully linked.

All values in the world are creating by human labor. And the most efficient labor is a free labor. It's logically, that even under the conditions of a current economic system, which is questioned by many people; such enterprises have shown themselves as the most effective form of business, where the worker cooperates freely with the other equal workers, where parasitism of managers and capital owners is wiped out. We’re talking about production cooperatives and farming cooperatives, and also about service cooperatives.

We’ve already said in the context of Sunrise Plan adjustments about establishment of the agricultural communes. From an economic and partly from a legal point of view, these communes are the agricultural cooperatives.

However, if we will see at thing from the normal townsman's position, we realize that break with the habitual way of life (even if a person lives in a constant frustration) is a very serious step and not everyone venture to do so. To take decision, individual should really make sure that it works. And this opportunity may be given to him
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Sustainable, urban gardening and eating locally. [Jul. 19th, 2009|10:10 am]
Environment, Economy, & Equality in Development

Interestingly, on the whole "going green" and organic produce initiative,  eating locally is finally getting a lot of attention.   Organic is great, and I find it frustrating that organic produce ISN'T the standard in the grocery store, but I don't feel that's where the emphasis should be placed.  It doesn't really matter if your pears are organic if they've been trucked in from Oregon and, by the time they've arrived days later to you in Maine, they've began to turn, losing much of their nutrients and freshness in general.  

I live in Columbus, OH and there's a Chef here who not only uses FRESH, LOCAL produce, but much of it comes from an urban garden appended to his kitchen!  Seriously, it doesn't get any more local than that.  The restaurant uses only plant based materials in its cuisine, vegan by definition if one is so concerned with titles, and I just find it beautiful and inspiring that the Chef goes to that length to have the freshest ingredients possible.  

If anyone is interested, the restaurant is Dragonfly Neo-V and there's a great article about the Chef and his garden that can be found here: http://www.lifeepicurean.com/?p=2287

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Why Sunland project is absolutely possible and why it has to be done? [Jun. 26th, 2009|10:42 am]
Environment, Economy, & Equality in Development

Many people are constantly asking us: “How are you going to arrange proper living conditions and other facilities for the sunlanders? How are you going to organize Sunland’s economy?” Some people even express doubts in our fairness, while quite the contrary others reproach us in unrealism and keenness on empty fantasies. In this short article I shall try to prove that the Sunland project is a genuine project and more over its significance goes beyond the framework of an ordinary settlement in some obscure location.

What we want to create on Sunland? If people think that we want to create some kind of village with customary middle-class conditions like in any American town, they are wrong. We want to demonstrate an alternative living style.
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Yellowstone National Park Under Threat By Human Rights Advocates [Dec. 18th, 2007|10:36 pm]
Environment, Economy, & Equality in Development

(Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, US) - Yellowstone National Park, America's first and most treasured national park, has recently become the topic of debate after a group of human rights advocates have called for a "neutralization of dangerous land," claiming that the immense forests and their wildlife pose a threat to disabled tourists.

The commotions began early last week when the human rights group Humans Against Death And Discrimination, led by John Wilkins, launched a series of protests against the National Park Service for refusing to accept the demands that included the "bulldozing of wild forests," "extermination of all deadly animals with sharp teeth," "lowering of water levels in rivers to 12 inches" and "paving of green fields to build hospitals and handicap centers." Wilkins commented to the National Park Tribune:

"Where is our freedom in this country? Millions of obese, stupid, deformed and otherwise handicapped American citizens and foreign tourists alike are being discriminated by the uncontrollable forces of nature. What happens if a dangerous tree suddenly falls down and kills someone or if any of those blood thirsty bears come up and swallow a poor autistic child alive! America, take your responsibility!"


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